The Top 5 Apps For Managing Money


The Top 5 Apps For Managing Money

If you are into technology, and care about your money, there are some great applications that can help you manage your money, build your wealth, and keep your mind in the right financial place. This list is meant to point out the best applications for managing your money, or potentially getting a little extra money.

1. Mint

Mint app from Intuit Inc. is one of the best money managing apps out there. It allows you to create, track and manage your spending by connecting your bank, credit card accounts, and monthly bills to one easy to use system.


  • Tells you when Bills are due, how much is owed, and what the minimum payment is
  • Sends reminders on bills
  • Gives recommendations for your budgeting
  • Free Credit score
  • Free

2. You Need a Budget

You Need a Budget (YNAB), allows users to create budgets based on their income levels. It has a monthly fee of $6.99, but saves users an average of $6,000 in the first year. You will bucket your income in categories so that every dollar you earn has a specific purpose. If you happen to go off track, YNAB will help you shift things around to get back on track. This is one of the best applications for getting individuals out of debt.


  • 34 day free trial
  • Online classes with a live instructor on budgeting basics
  • 100% money-back guarantee, no questions asked.
  • Top notch service and support.

3. Wally

Wally app helps track your expenses with an easy to use system. You simply take a picture of your receipts, and fill in a little bit of information about the purchase and your all set. Most of this information can auto-populate as your mobile device knows your location. There are now 2 free versions of Wally, both are powerful and awesome great features.


  • Free
  • Track expenses
  • See historical expense data
  • Budget
  • Set savings targets by inputting your income and expenses

4. Acorns

Acorns app automates your investing by connecting your credit card to the application. Whenever you make a purchase with the card, the application rounds that amount to the next dollar, and invests the change difference in an exchange-traded fund (etf) of your selection. Free to college students, $1 per month for everyone else.


  • Automated process
  • Shop with Acorn partners and receive cash forwarded to your Acorn account

5. UnDisrupt

Undisrupt allows you to take advantage of your time by earning money for viewing advertisements of products you want to see. Looking for a new TV but are weighing your options? View advertisements from top brands, earn money towards your purchase by doing so, and apply those earnings directly to your purchase. You can choose to cash out without making a purchase, or get some bonus dollars added by making a purchase through the platform.


  • Free
  • View Advertisements for things you actually want
  • Earn money easily
  • Easy setup

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